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Vein reduction, works similar to laser hair removal, it is based on Fitzpatrick as well as nanometers, which is the depth of laser, we examine the vein color and size of laser, staring tam lower nanometer and working up, slowly dissolving the vein, mostly used for surface, or spider veins, not necessarily for deep thromobossed.

Laser treatments are great for the face,ears, feet, hands, lip, chin,legs, arms chest, back, as well as the bikini line. Both men and women. It is a great alternative to waxing,shaving,tweezing.
Unwanted And excessive hair usually is due to hormonal changes, puberty, menopause and can be easily removed. Smaller areas can take just about 5 minutes, and larger areas such as legs or back, can take much longer

Laser hair removal process:
First we will analyze the skin tone, based on the Fitzpatrick scale 1 being lightest, while 6 the very darkest.
We start at a lower level and gradually work up, I work with the IPL, diode and yag laser, based on a nanometer scale starting with the alexandrite 550 to the yag 1064.
Your hair has three series of growth, anagen,catagen telogen
The anagen, is the live active growth, which occurs on most people every four weeks, you will return at that point and we will laser in a series of 6 sessions. After each session there is a cooling gel applied. Excellent permanent hair reduction.
Trained In Boston, ma at the national. Laser institute and received my advanced course in laser.
Preparing for your laser treatment:
You must refrain from sun exposure 2 weeks prior to your treatment as well as after the treatment, due To extra pigment in the skin that is caused by sun exposure.
Also, if you are presently on acutane, you must refrain from this treatment as well as herpes virus, or cancer that is present.

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