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Vein reduction is used to reduce the size and color of vein, we examine the vein, and the patient and work withal there Fitzpatrick scale as well as the nanometers, to reduce the size and color of the vein, it is used for surface veins, not deep thrombossed.

Tatoo removal from the laser works with all colors, red, black, blue and green, using 532 and 1064 nanometers, the black is removed quicker and the reds and oranges take a little more time, as the pigment is deeper into the skin, this process takes approximately 6-8 times, based on color and how big the area is.
The patient is examined, we will clean the area, and then determine what size of nanometer for the removal, you will come back in 4-6 weeks and we will continue the process, the stronger the color and size will determine how long it will take.
There is no downtime, but it may sting a little after the process, aloe Vera is treated for the area , you can uses ice as well.
No tanning during the process, heavy working out 24 hours as well as chlorine, which can irritate or the area can become inflamed.

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